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Frenetta Tate International is a Coaching, Training and Business Strategy Company founded by Frenetta Tate in 2007. Frenetta Tate is a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Consultant, Award-Winning Author and Inspirational Keynote Speaker.


Frenetta is passionate about helping Men and Women understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and develop a unique business strategy for their business growth and sustainability.


If you are ready to step into your greatness, armed with your unique strategy for your business success; If you need a coach to help you navigate through life or seeking a Motivational Speaker/Trainer or Workshop leader for your event, let's talk or send an email to frenetta@frenettatate.com

FTI focuses on the following areas:

  • Life Strategies for Conscious Living

  • Business Strategy, Coaching and Makeovers

  • Entrepreneur Training and Development

FTI has the following goals:

  • Help you to understand your unique purpose and discover the transforming gifts you have that can change the world.

  • Empower you to embrace your personal power and tap into your inner confidence.

  • Help you to realize your potential and shift your mindset to step into your greatness with ease.

  • Help you to develop a business strategy geared toward growth and sustainability

Frenetta Tate further helps her clients understand their personal power through coaching, speaking and live events. She coaches business clients in the areas  of mindset mastery, self-love and awareness, leadership and provides business consulting.


Frenetta Tate provides her personal clients with life strategies for living more consciously. 


Frenetta Tate offers an array of business services that will help business clients be effective, efficient, professional and profitable.

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Frenetta Tate International

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