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Welcome to Frenetta Tate Global!

Hi there,

I am Frenetta Tate, an Internationally Certified Life and Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant.

I coach 
Entrepreneurs who want to embrace and integrate authenticity in their business, build legitimacy, adopt best business processes and implement strategies for greater growth and sustainability. 

I coach 
Individuals and help them to personally and professionally develop, easily apply personally-customized life concepts hereby becoming more self-aware and step into living a life of ease and flow.

On the Frenetta Tate Show Podcast, I share tips, tools and strategies that help people navigate through life's challenges and opportunities. You will find motivational videos and encouragement on Frenetta Tate TV

We all have a story, a purpose and a blessing within us. The challenges are that we are not courageous enough to tell our story, many of us do not know our purpose for being here on this earth and some have business dreams that haven't launched. 

Overall, through
Frenetta Tate Global; I coach my clients with strategies that will help them overcome their personal and professional challenges so they can create a life with passion and a business the world needs.  Start Here.

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