Are you ready to raise your business stakes? Increase your earning potential? Develop better business processes? Get work/life balance? Improve your image? Get more visibility in Social Media? Conquer the administrative maze in your business?


Let us help you grow your life and business with our innovative

services. We are your solutions within reach!

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Frenetta Tate International (FTI) is a multi-service company offering a complementary array of innovative services that support the growth,  development and sustainability of businesses and their owners.

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To be the premiere company that business owners rely upon at any stage of their life and/or business to help them grow, improve, reengineer, revamp, renew and refresh - wherever they find themselves; we stand ready to support their needs.

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Strategic Business Coaching

Strategic Business Coaching

Event Design and Consulting

Event Planning and Consulting

Virtual Administrative Management

Virtual Administrative Management

Checking Inventory

Business Processes and Systems

Creative Signature and Design

Authentic Signature and Design


Life, Career and Image Coaching

Motivational Speaker

Inspirational Speaking



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