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Imagine using your mistakes as a catalyst for your personal growth and development; strengthening your mind, boosting your self-esteem and feeling confident as you move toward your unique greatness.

Optimal Living begins

in the Mind

Personify the Mindset of Greatness

I Speak Life

My superpower is my ability to speak life-giving, soul-stirring words that will break negative mental strongholds, remove scales and cause blinders to fall off of the eyes, hearts and around the bodies of people.  Learn more about inviting Frenetta to speak.

Embrace Your Unique Beauty

Be Unapologetically You

Do you want to be free?

Do you feel paralyzed by your mistakes? Are you stagnant in a toxic relationship? Are you suffering from low self-esteem behaviors, or fearful of moving forward in your life? We provide relevant coaching and personal development training for those seeking to live an optimal life. We offer VIP, virtual, group and business coaching. Learn more about coaching services. 

About Frenetta

Hi there! I am Frenetta Tate, an Award-Winning Author, Internationally Certified Women's Empowerment  and Entrepreneur Coach; and Trainer.

No stranger to the negative impacts of fear; I was paralyzed with fear most of my life, which resulted in low self esteem, suicidal thoughts and behavior, isolation and bad decisions.


Early in my journey, I found myself  to be a biblical scholar and inspired  to engage in self-work to be a better person; I became stronger in mind and spirit. When I released myself from fear’s paralysis and self-limiting barriers; my creativity heightened and today, my passion and purpose has manifested into products and services that help others find their own divine purpose, path and greatness. 

Learn more about me and get in touch if you believe my services can be of benefit to you.

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