YOUR business has been waiting for OURS!

Your business has been waiting for an opportunity to grow, expand, enlarge and shine.  For so long, you have needed a partner to help you to rise up and do what your greatest calling has been nudging you to do - To provide a great product, a great service and have systems that represent the kind of business you desire to be, do and have for your life and for those whom you believe you are called to touch with your product and/or services.


It is time to do great work in the earth. It is time to touch lives. It is time to bring your vision into focus. It is time for you to step out of the shadows and show what you can do. This time is now!


Hi, I am Frenetta Tate. I am the Founder and CEO of Frenetta Tate International. I am multi-talented, highly- gifted business professional. I have expertise, knowledge and insight in various areas of business with over 20 years of combined experience.


My experience are in the following areas: customer service, client support, business management, business administration, creative design, image development, life coaching, voice work and business consulting and marketing visibility. I have educational degrees in Business Management, Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Fashion Marketing.


I am well-versed in various topics pertaining to business, law, human resources, fashion, image development and personal empowerment.


TIME. We cannot get it back once it is gone. We can't manage it. We can't buy it and we can't put it in a box and open it later. We can, however, use it wisely. We can make the best of the time we are given and make every minute count!


As a business owner, you want your time to be spent on activities that bring you joy, help further your passions and make a difference in the lives of others. Yes,  you want your activities to be spent on growing your business, networking, developing a profitable brand and building strong relationships with other business owners, vendors, clients and potential clients. For most business owners, you have several thoughts, ideas and challenges that tend to hinder you, weigh you down and get in the way of your desired goals. You really need someone on your team.


Someone you can trust.


Someone who knows your business.


Someone who has your best interest in mind.


Someone guided by principles of integrity and excellence.


In this fast paced world, you need someone to keep up the pace, have a sense of urgency, focus on producing quality work and support your aspirations. The bottom line is you need an arm of quality support in various areas of your business.


If you are seeking a quality business partner who offers well-rounded services and support for the growth and sustainability of your business;


Frenetta Tate International - Business Services is for you!


You are invited to review my services and packages. Should you find a package that aligns with your goals, please contact us.



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