Frenetta has helped audiences understand their unique purpose and discover the transforming gifts they have that can change the world. Frenetta has been a motivational speaker for over 15 years. Frenetta has an unquenchable authentic desire to be the launching pad where inspiration, dreams and hopes are birthed or rebirthed, restored, refreshed and rejuvenated. She comes to light a fire and to bring clarity and empowerment to those who seek a better existence, in their lives and in their business pursuits.


Frenetta has spoken to various groups; from public to non-profit and from youth and employees to management professionals. Her natural ability to encourage and motivated is coupled with her passion to empower people to be their personal best. Frenetta is witty, easily adaptable, intuitive and innovative. Not only can she rock your audience; she will get them on their feet and interact with them to drive homes crucial points of understanding and enlightenment. There is no a dull moment when Frenetta Tate is in the room!

"Frenetta Tate is a dynamic speaker and coach that leaves audiences wanting more! She is so on top of her game. Not only did she help me to stand in my power and speak my truth, she taught me how to communicate my mission and vision with power and impact.
She is absolutely the catalyst for positive action!"
Frenetta Tate International

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