Frenetta Tate has been a life coach for several years and received her certification through the Professional Woman Network as a Certified Women's Empowerment Coach and a Certified International Entrepreneur Coach.


Frenetta's  coaching style is innovative, cutting-edge and focused on facilitating transformational change through interactive, hands-on assessments to promote learning and growth. From group coaching to personal coaching, featured topics include:


  • Personal Identity and philosophy

  • Emotional and Mental Mastery

  • Business and Personal Positioning

  • Leadership Lifelines for Success

  • Decisions and Actions

  • Universal Success Formulas

  • Purpose Clarification

Changing careers? Not sure what to do next? Don't know what you have to offer or your value offering? Let me help you navigate through the career maze and help you to assess your skills.


Image is crucial to your overall presentation. How do you enter a room? Does confidence escape you in a room full of people? How do you present yourself to the world? Let me help you improve your overall image while preparing you for what's next in your life.

Personal Coaching is a Creative, Customized, Collaborative Conversation that will help you to clarify and crystallize your concerns, banish thoughts and behaviors not serving your best good and get you moving to a more spacious place in your life. This type of coaching is for people who would rather a more person approach and do not want to be in a group. This person desires more from life and is ready to dig deeper to excavate, refine, renew and reinvent themselves in all areas of their lives. You will be pushed pass your can’ts, won’ts and don’ts.


Are you an entrepreneur or desire to be one? Frenetta's Exploring Entrepreneurship course will take you on a journey from dream to execution. You will gain clarity, learn how to write your business plan, identify your strengths, potential obstacles and threats and develop your unique plan of action.

You would benefit from Frenetta's coaching if the following describes you:


  • You desire to live a new life of confidence, need help setting boundaries in your relationships, avoiding toxic relationships, embracing self-value, having challenges with forgiveness and acceptance, and mindset mastery.

  • You need help to navigate the career maze and understand your unique value proposition.

  • You need an image makeover and want to level up in your life. 


If you are interested in life, image or career coaching; please contact me at, 346-229-9157.