Business People Applauding


​You are in business for yourself, not by yourself. You have purpose, potential and passion. Your success in business and life is dependent upon your determination, your actions and the people you surround yourself with as you pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations.


You need support, an accountability partner, a confident sounding board, a no-holds barred, tell-me-the-truth-in-love network of people who will support, encourage, educate, guide, enlighten and help you be the best person you can be – A Powerhouse of Influence and Inspiration!


The right ingredients mixed together will give your business and your life the spice it needs to grow, develop, mature, learn and excel in everything you choose. 


The dynamic and resourceful Frenetta Tate leads both programs and will flood your business life with tools, tips, strategies, resources and a plethora of essentials so that you can expand, increase and elevate your success!


Membership has its rewards. The FTI membership programs are designed to:


  • Push you towards being the best you can be with tip and tools.

  • Challenge your thoughts and ideas to ensure mindset mastery

  • Educate and enlighten you about life concepts and principles

  • Positively influence you through the sharing of life best practices

  • Stretch, Expand and enlarge your individual capacity

  • Learn new and innovative ways of transferring your passions to profits


The FTI membership programs:


  • Personal Development Membership

  • Business Mindset Membership


The Personal Development Membership (Content Value: $2,000.00) For $9.99/monthly or $200.00/year this membership is for an individual  who desires a better life and need empowerment, encouragement, motivational and life-enhancing tools, strategies and tips.




  • Access to the private site where you can connect with other members.

  • 10% Discount on Products and events

  • Accountability and Progress Checks

  • Access to custom Personal development tools, tips and original quotes


The Business Strategy Membership (Content Value $3500.00) For $49.99/monthly or $350.00/year, this is for the individual who owns a business or aspire to be an entrepreneur but need ongoing tools, empowerment and encouragement, insight on understanding business concepts and advice on how to handle business situations. Maybe you have a dream but you need beginner tools, insight, understanding and resources. You need motivation, direction and someone to coach you through the beginner challenges of being an entrepreneur.




  • Access to the private site where you can connect with other members.

  • Participation in online forums

  • Bi-monthly live teleconferences

  • 10% discount on Products and events

  • Access to custom member exclusive tools

  • Accountability and Progress Checks

  • Access to 'Strategic Conversations with Frenetta' monthly calls

  • Tips, Tools and Quotes in your email weekly


Access to Member Tools (Active members only)