Every single soul in this book shares how much in the dark they once were...how far they went to try and hide, to be as small and insignificant as possible. So small, in fact, that they couldn't even hold onto the little space they had allowed themselves to inhabit in their world. That is until finally the Universe could no longer accept this situation. It gave them a fierce shaking and dusting down to make them realize that life is not about hiding, about being like everybody else or whatever you were perceived as being; it's not about complaining, about victimization BUT rather about shining, about standing up, about believing in yourself, about inhabiting that big place in the world, about being YOURSELF....

Hot Mama in High Heels

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  • This is a poetic verse, a prayer, a declaration of the power of a woman, the confidence she possess and the extraordinary presence she brings to the world. The book is 24 pages.

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