One on One Coaching is a Creative, Customized, Collaborative Conversation that will help you to clarify and crystallize your concerns, banish thoughts and behaviors not serving your best good and get you moving to a more spacious place in your life. This type of coaching is for people who would rather a more person approach and do not want to be in a group. This person desires more from life and is ready to dig deeper to excavate, refine, renew and reinvent themselves in all areas of their lives. You will be pushed pass your can’ts, won’ts and don’ts. I coach in the following areas:


FEATURED Coaching Topics:


  • Living a New Life of Confidence              

  • Setting Boundaries in Relationships

  • Avoiding Toxic Relationships                    

  • Embracing Self-Value               

  • Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance            

  • Mindset Mastery

One on One Coaching

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