Are you allowing yourself to grow and develop? Do you find yourself fighting with yourself? Are you a saboteur? Do you find yourself messing up good situations in your life, almost like it is inevitable for you to screw up something good that comes your way? Conquering Self-Sabotage in Life and Business will highlight behaviors that may be hindering you, while providing relevant tools to help you conquer self-sabotage.


Everything has to be right, at the right time and in the right sequence before I make a move. Does this sound like you? I struggled with perfection for many years. I know what it feels like. I know all its entrapments that keep you from really enjoying life. This teleclass, Defeated before Your Start - Strategies for dealing with Perfectionism, will feature a page from Frenetta's life, who shares her story and strategies for success.


Do you feel low and insignificant? When you make a mistake; do you beat yourself  and speak down to yourself? Do you have difficulty believing you are worthy of love, respect, kindness and good things? Do you find it difficult to love yourself? Love Self esteem prevents us from loving others and being love by others.This teleclass, Stimulating Healthy Self-Esteem, we discuss the importance of healthy self esteem as you navigate through life.

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